Cross Platform App Development with React Native

Duration: 7 Weeks
Instructor: Samip Subedi Sabbiu Shah
Fee: NRS. 15500

Learn how to create responsive cross-platform apps.

Objectives of this course:

Upon completing this course, students will:

  • Be familiarized with Javascript framework.
  • Be familiarized with latest trends in React.
  • Understand what problem React Native addresses.
  • Understand project structuring and configuration.
  • Learn best practices of using React Native.
  • Learn advanced concepts.

Prerequisites for this course:

You must have a knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and basic understanding of React. Having a basic experience of building a website or a mobile app and working with API is a plus.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to React Native
    1. Current Scenario of React
    2. Environment Setup
    3. Overview of React
    4. Introducing JSX, Hello World!
    5. Overview of ES6
  • Navigation in React Native
    1. Project Setup
    2. React Navigation
  • State management with redux
    1. Introduction to redux
    2. Structuring Project
    3. Reducers
    4. Action Creators and middlewares
  • State management with Context
  • Working with APIs
  • Introducing hooks
  • Advanced Concepts
    1. Geolocation
    2. Offline Data Persistence
    3. Push Notification
    4. Mapviews